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Why Opera is Now The Star Browser


Chrome and Firefox might be more popular, but Opera’s cutting-edge tools make it the best browser around now. Edward Munn, Writer’s Webuser, reveals its best new features. Browse privately using Opera’s VPN Opera is the first major Desktop browser to offer a free, unlimited virtual private network (VPN). This protects your privacy when you’re using public Wi-Fi and means you ...

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Will Facebook launch its own streaming service?

Facebook launch its own streaming service

Facebook is reportedly talking to record labels with a view to potentially launching its own music-streaming service. The social network is one of the few major tech companies without such a service, but that could be about to change and put Facebook in direct competition with Apple and Spotify. Apple recently launched its Music service, which in some ways encroaches ...

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Hand over the wheel to Google


Think you’re a safe driver? Well, you’re not. You can’t be. You’re human. You get distracted by text messages, by billboards, by Sandi Toksvig on the News Quiz. Your reaction times are appalling. If a pedestrian walks out in front of you on a busy high street, you’ll probably hit them before you’ve seen them, because you’re likely to be ...

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Facebook called on to ban gruesome images


What happened? Facebook is considering how to deal with gruesome photos and videos that users share on the social network, in the wake of videos showing the murder of journalist James Foley and other images from Middle East conflicts being posted online. While Twitter and YouTube immediately banned the video of Foley’s death, Facebook was heavily criticised by the media ...

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Celebrity photo hack raises cloud security fears


What happened? As many as 100 celebrities were hacked, which resulted in nude photos of them being leaked online. The pictures were stolen from stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst, and posted on the controversial message board 4chan. The photos were confirmed as real by some of the celebrities, although others claimed they had been faked. At ...

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How to Add Category or Taxonomy Images in WordPress


By default, each category will not support you add your avatar such as post types (the Post and Page). But WordPress allows us add a custom field to the taxonomy. The Categories Images Plugin allow you to add image with category or taxonomy. This plugin will create a new text input that will had the image url of the category, ...

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How To Change Scrollbar Color With CSS3 in Blogspot


This CSS3 Webkit will replace the original HTML scrollbar to customized CSS3 scrollbar. That old days gone this is 3rd generation latest technology make your blog like a professional website, everyone wants to make they template attractive and good look. Now make your blogger template looks beautiful with the help of CSS3. Today i am going to show how to ...

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Will Windows 9 launch in April 2015?


Although Microsoft is releasing incremental updates to Windows 8, which are intended to address common complaints and problems about the OS, what most of us want to know is: when can we expect Windows 9? After all, the theory about Microsoft’s operating systems is that they’re alternately good and bad, so after Windows XP (great), Vista (awful), 7 (super) and ...

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Chrome to block crapware downloads


What happened? Google expanded its Safe Browsing service to prevent users from downloading software installers that try to sneak in other bundled extras or mess with your browser settings. When you try to download such files, Chrome will show an alert that the download could “harm your browsing experience”, to help you avoid installing ‘crapware’ that could add unwanted toolbars ...

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Forgotten hardware bug causes internet outages


What happened? Several big websites were hit by outages thanks to a known but neglected weak point in the internet’s infrastructure.This happened after an internal log known as the internet routing table passed the milestone of more than 512,000 route entries. Although hardware has long been available that can support more routes, some older routers, switches and other networking devices ...

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